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Saint Patrick's Festival

St. Patrick's Day, which celebrates the patron saint of Ireland, takes place in many places around the world, but the most prominent celebrations occur in Dublin as it is the capital, a large parade and festival is organized that attracts visitors from all over the world, in the United States they are cities with a large population of Irish descendants, such as New York, Boston and Chicago and in many cities around the world such as London and Buenos Aries.

Where does this festival take place?

When does it take place and what days are they?

St. Patrick's Day is celebrated on the seventeenth of March every year. In many places celebrations are spread over several days, especially in larger cities, such as Ireland which lasts for several days, often extending over a full weekend, or in cities such as New York and Boston which can also last several days

What do people do at that party

Traditional Irish music and dance also play an important role in the celebrations, live performances by marching bands can be found, as well as demonstrations of Irish dances. Their decorations fill the streets, bars and restaurants with green motifs, shamrocks and other significant symbols of this festival. In many communities there are special events such as fairs, sports competitions and activities for children that help celebrate and spread their culture

During St. Patrick's Day, people participate in a variety of activities and traditions, such as the parades that in many cities, especially in Dublin, which hold large parades with marching bands, decorated floats, and participants dressed in traditional Irish costumes. It is also common for people to wear green to celebrate the day, green is a color associated with Ireland as it is known as the emerald isle.

The holiday is an occasion for communities to come together and celebrate parades, festivals and events together, which foster a sense of unity. Although it is an Irish holiday, St. Patrick's Day has been chosen by many people around the world regardless of their background. Beyond the religious and cultural aspects, St. Patrick's Day has become a joyous and festive celebration. People enjoy participating in the parades and wearing green.

People celebrate the feast for St. Patrick, who is the patron saint of Ireland and is credited with bringing Christianity to the island in the fifth century. The feast day on the 17th of March marks the date of his death and is a way of honouring his legacy and his impact on Ireland's religious history. For the Irish the holiday is an opportunity to celebrate their heritage and culture, it is a day to show Irish pride through music and other cultural traditions.

Why do people celebrate this holiday?

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