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vacation to the world

swim with sharks in hawaii

Day 1

When we arrive in Hawaii, we will go to the hotel to leave our suitcases, then we will go to the open buffet to eat and you will have to put on your swimsuit. We will go to the beach to swim with the sharks, whoever does not swim with the sharks can swim on the beach, we will go to dinner at the restaurant ''Ka'aloa's Super J's''. and then you will go to the rooms to rest.

day 2

observation of manta rays from the sea.

Today we will eat on floating tables over the water and they will give us a Hawaiian menu while we watch the manta rays. And you will have the rest of the day free to visit Hawaii.

day 3


On the third day we will go to Dubai, we will arrive around 11 in the morning and we will spend the night on the plane. We will take a tour, until lunchtime, you will go to eat wherever you want and you will have to be at 5 on Port Street to climb the tallest building in the world, and then go party.

day 4

On day 4 we will go to see the best luxuries of Dubai: cars, mansions, etc...

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day 5

and on this last day we will take the plane