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presentation by Tesei massimo, biondini nicola and tataru lavinia

Name of intership

we worked in an optical shop called chatedral optic located in pieta

we learned to make glasses manually without the help of technological tools, improving our knowledge in the practical part

what have we learned?

we have learned to use some new treatments on the lenses and the use of the manual grinder

what skill did we learn ?

we learned to communicate in English with strangers and talk to the shop's customers

what do i know that i didn,t know a month ago

we learned to live with other people in a room making us understand that not everything is always useful to us

we learned to wash dishes, do the washing machine and iron clothes and having more self control

In Malta we liked the sea, the new friends and the food. I recommend this experience to everyone as a personal growth and for the fun it brought us.

thanks for the attention