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Why is it important?


I am a great heading, ideal for providingcontext about the topic you are going to address


With Genially templates, you can include visual resources to leave your audience amazed. You can also highlight a specific phrase or fact that will be etched in the memory of your audience, and even embed external content that surprises: videos, photos, audios... Whatever you want!


Text + image

Highlighted phrase


Relevant data


Chart + text

Table + text

List / processes


Text + icons


Embedded content

Interactive question




Use an image

Contextualize your topic

And use this space to describe it. You can upload an image from your computer or use the resources available in Genially, on the left side of the tool. Leave everyone amazed!

Structure your content

Here you can include arelevant data to highlight

Here you can include arelevant data to highlight

Here you can include arelevant data to highlight

‘Your content is liked, but it engages much more if it's interactive’


‘Your content is liked, but it onlyengages if it's interactive’


Relevant data


You can capture figures in this way

You can create an outline to synthesize the content and use words that are seared into your audience's brain.


...Although then you explain it orally

If you are going to present live, we recommend that you train your voice and rehearse: the best improvisation is always the most worked!


This is how you will maintain the attention of your audience

Show enthusiasm, sketch a smile, and maintain eye contact with your audience: 'The eyes, chico.They never lie'.

Graphic + text

Use this space to briefly describe your graphic and its evolution.

The graphics are highly shareable, making them ideal for social networks, and to top it off: they often generate quality traffic to the content we create.


Describe the problem you solve and, above all, why your idea is interesting

A great presentation…

  • It is clear and structured
  • Tells stories hierarchically
  • Matches your audience
  • Adapts fonts and color to the theme
  • Includes images and entertains

Your content is liked, but it engages much more ifit is interactive'

Do you havean idea?

Use this space to add cool interactivity. Include text, images, videos, tables, PDFs... even interactive questions! Premium tip: Get insights on how your audience interacts.