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3º ESO


Jairo Rasero & Isabella Stabile


1.Describe the place

2. Reasons to live there

3. Places to visit

4. Reasons against living there

5. Things to do before moving there

The Republic of Malta is an archipelago made up of three islands located in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea. These islands border Sicily to the south and Libya to the north.

Describe the place



Reasons to live there

The reasons to live in Malta are the quality of life , security , the climate and many more

Places to visit

Valletta is a beautiful baroque city, with important fortifications and gigantic stone walls. It is a city full of people and atmosphere in its squares, patios, gardens and a large number of cafes.

Marsaxlokk is a town located about 13 kilometers south of Valletta. Currently, it is the most important fishing port on the island and a good place to taste Maltese cuisine.

  • there aren´t gardens and parks
  • there is a lot of pollution in the streets
  • there are many floods
  • it's always too hot

Reasons against living there

Thing to do before moving there

Change currency valuePrepare your suitcase in advanceDon't forget passportLearn about the country's cultureFind out about your destination.