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Belgrade is a big city in Serbia, it is the capital of Serbia. Belgrade is a big city of 360 km2, Belgrade is a beautiful city to visit with your family, The gastronomy of Belgrade is great and the popular food is Pljeskavica, this food is made of meat and you cand find them in street stalls.Belgrade has a population of 1,374 millions of people.


In Belgrade you should to visit the churchs, and the central square of the city. Also in belgrado you can visit the central river and you can take a boat.

Belgrade is a special city because it is very beautiful city, in them there are lots of important historical monument and you can see it. If you go to Belgrade with your family you must see lots of them.

Places to visit

Why it's special?

Belgrade is a city with a lot of people and they need to move to other places, in Belgrade there are public transport with buses, trams, boats, taxis and planes. Some of transports are private and it is very expensive only for people with much money.


Activities that you can do in Belgrade are:

  • Tour around the city.
  • A tour in boat.
  • Go to the caves of Belgrade.
  • Tour around the churchs of the city.



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