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Travel made one modest


day 6

day 4

day 3

day 7

day 2

day 5

day 1


Day 1

In the day 1 we are going to visit the statue of Jesus Christ, because is a very beautiful statue, also because it is one of the largest statues in the world.mjuu


In the day 2, we are going to visit the river of Janeiro because is a very large river and is so beautiful and they are very good views.


In the day 3 we are going to visit the historic center of paraty, because the city is very colorful and we liked the cities colorful

Day 3

In the day 4 we are going to visit the city São Paulo, Brazil's dynamic financial center, is among the most populous cities in the world, with several cultural institutions and a rich architectural tradition.

Day 4

In the day 5, we are going to visit the city Manaos, it is the capital of the extensive state of Amazonas

Day 5

In the day 6 we are going to visit Recife is a city situate in the coast of the northwest of Brasil.

Day 6

Day 7

In the day 7 we are going to visit the stadium Maracaná, because play brasil vs argentina and we like the football very much

Made by: Pablo Romero , Luis Garcia and Manuel Oyola

¡Thank you very much for watching!