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How to sell lesson packages

In this course we will learn useful strategies to increase your purchase rate


$15 lesson x 25hrs x 4 weeks = $1500 monthly incomeYou only need 25 students!πŸ˜„


Prepping for the trial

Create a customised lesson

Discuss the lesson plan

Follow up after the trial

Research the student's needs

Gather info

Prepping For The Trial Module

Always be prepared for the trial and know their learning goalsDon't accept a trial booking if you haven't spoken to the student/parent

Need lots of speaking/pronunciation practice and may not have practiced English for many years.

Adults beg-int

A1-A2 beginners lack confidence to speak in English and need roleplays to practice conversations.

Children (6-11)

Need interesting topics to help them develop critical thinking skills.

Teens (12-18)

Kids (3-5)

Understand the language level

Prepping For The Trial Module

Learn through play and may feel shy so use their favourite toys and go with the flow.

'The purpose of the trial is to get to know the student and assess their weaknesses and strengths

  • Reuse your trial lesson material
  • Customise templates to match needs
  • Prepare 3 ppts for (kids, teens & adults)
  • Keep the trial relaxed and make learning fun with an ice breaker/game
  • Teach a 10 minute lesson

Save time with templates

Customised Lesson Module

Ice breaker questions

Lesson plan template

Set achievable monthly goals for the student and explain how you will help

Discuss the lesson plan

Start with their strengthsAsk if they like to be corrected?Tell them areas they will improve in future lessons

Give positive feedback

Did they enjoy the lesson? What was their favourite part?Did they like your teaching method ?

Ask the student for feedback

How to end a trial class

Sealing The Deal Module

Present your packages

Schedule a formal lesson

Don’t just confirm the number of classes/ length but explain why they need this to reach their goals

Assign homework for the next lesson and offer to help the student to book.

Send class notes and course plan once you have confirmed the details with the student

Exchange contact info

  • After 24 hours, the student will most likely not come back
  • Having tangible results after your class will make a difference
  • Don’t just use the AT feedback 10 mins at the end the class.
  • Send messages in the chat, email or other means you acquired from the student
  • Send the lesson plan you made for them in the next 24 hours.
  • Follow up 3 times maximum

Don't forget to follow up

Follow Up After A Trial Module

  • Plan your trial lesson.
  • Use engaging teaching materials
  • Discuss the lesson plan
  • Present the lesson plan (packages).
  • Send lesson notes and course plan.

Selling private lessonsstep by step:













Amazing you've completed the modules for this workshop.

Training Certificate



Motivate students by making lessons relevant to them.Give teens a choice on how to achieve the lesson objectives.Add variety play grammar/speaking games

How to teach teens?

A1 level Answer simple questions about basic topics in short sentencesA2 level Hold a conversation about their day-day life use past/present and future tenses and give opinions

What can you do?

Use real-life conversation practice (roleplay)pronunciation practice (drills, dictation and reading)teach vocabulary/grammar in context (sentences)interactive activities/games for vocab repetitiontalk about their life experiences related to the topic

How to teach adults?

A variety of activities to keep them engagedsing songs/chantsplay action gamesTell/act out stories Teach 3 year olds at a slow pace (1 topic 4 lessons)Review vocabulary/sentences regularly

What should I teach and how?

Example of a good lesson plan

Lesson frequencyLesson structureMeasurable results

Adult students

  • Send a placement test /questionaire
  • Ask the student what they want to improve.
  • Find out what topics interest them (adults).
  • Prefered teaching style (roleplay or free talk)
  • Send a placement test.
  • Find out their favourite character princess/superhero. (kids 3-5)
  • Ask to see an example of their English homework to assess their level (6-11)

Gather information...