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Apprenticeships provide role specific work-based training.During your apprenticeship, you will work alongside experienced staff to gain hands-on experience and job-specific competencies. You will spend a proportion of your working time (approximately 20%) completing ‘Off the Job’ training where you will be exposed to new learning experiences. Your apprenticeship will give you the skills and knowledge to become fully proficient in your chosen occupation and provide a firm foundation for you to develop along your professional career pathway.

Apprenticeships Hub for Circle Health Group

Based in Scotland or Wales?

Based in England?

Apprenticeships in Scotland and Wales

Due to the Government's apprenticeship funding rules, apprenticeships advertised on this page may not be available in Scotland and Wales. However, apprenticeship opportunities are available- please see links below for more information.

More information about apprenticeships in Scotland can be found here.

More information about apprenticeships in Wales can be found here.

If you live and work in Scotland or Wales and wish to apply for an apprenticeship programme please contact: learningservices@circlehealthgroup.co.uk If you would like to apply for an apprenticeship please discuss with your line manager in the first instance to ensure the programme is suitable for you and your role.

Apprenticeships in England

Institute for Apprenticeship Standards website

Apprenticeships advertised on this page are available in England only. There are also a wide range of other apprenticeship opportunities available in England that you may be able to access. Please see the Institute for Apprenticeship Standards for more information.