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Write an Awesome Subtitle

Write an Awesome Subtitle

Write an Awesome Subtitle

  • Includes images and entertains.
  • Uses timelines.
  • Is animated and interactive.
  • Does not overuse bullet points​.

  • Is clear and structured.
  • Presents information in an organized manner.
  • Engages the entire class.
  • Adapts fonts and color to the theme.

An awesome presentation...

We are in the era of the digital information explosion. This causes our way of obtaining information to have changed, we have transitioned from traditional reading to a cognitive strategy based on navigation.

Our brain is biologically prepared to learn through visual content. Almost 50% of our brain is involved in processing visual stimuli.

Write a great headline

  • Plan and structure your content.
  • Give visual weight to key points and main ones.
  • Define secondary messages with interactivity.
  • Establish a flow through the content.
  • Measure the results.

Pose a question or problem that makes the class think; it is the essential ingredient to maintain their attention. It is usually posed at the beginning of the topic to encourage critical thinking and participation.

Here you can put a standout title