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The British Empire

In which the sun never sets on






17th century

20th century

18th century

19th century

The UK

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The British Empire was the largest and most powerful empire of all time and lasted almost 400 years. In the end, 35% of the world was under British rule, with 4 monarchs in total to rule 400 milion people.

1600s (17th century)

King Charles I was the first ruler of the British Empire, and signed a treaty with France, stating that he would help them in a war if they didn't tell anyone about their navy expansion.

1800s (17th century)

There were two monarchs during the 18th century of the British Empire; King George II and King George III. George II helped the empire by building the military and fighting courageously against the French in 1743, whereas George III hired thousands of Hessian mercenaries to asist this overpowered army.

1800s (19th century)

Queen Victoria held the throne in the 19th century and helped the British Empire with the industrial revolution. She inspired the idea of tanks with pistons in cars.

1900s (20th century)

George V took the crown in the 1900s enlarging the British Empire to its full extent. He did this by travelling seas to encounter new lands and with no doubt, also became the emperor of India on a visit.