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1- The expansion. 1.1- The "Trail of Tears". 2- The civil war 1860 2.1- 1861. 2.2- 1864. 2.3- The end of the war, 1865. 3- Glossary. 4- Thank for your attetion.

The expansion

In 1803, Napoleon offered to sell the land to the US for $15 million. Thomas Jefferson, accepted the offer and this doubled the size of the country. By 1848, the country extended from the Atlantic to the Pacific Ocean.

The "trail of tears"

In the 1830s, the US Government created the first Indian territory. They forced more than 15.000 Cherokee people to leave Georgia and walk 1.600 km to their new territory. Around 4.000 people died on the way and they called this journey the "Trail of Tears". Extra information. The Cherokee are tribe of the east of the US.


The civil war 1860

The people in the north live in towns, but in the south, they live on plantations and own slaves. The plantation owners want to keep their slaves, but the people in the north want to abolish slavery. Abraham Lincoln is now the President of the USA. He wants to end slavery. The people in the south want to leave the Union and have their own nation, called the Confederate States of America. But Lincoln wants to keep the country together.


The south has got their Confedaraty Richmond, is the capital. They think they are a different nation from the Union in the north Confederate soldiers attacked a Union fort called Fort Sumter yesterday, So now, we are at war?



Thousands of people are dead. Both the people in the north and the south are suffering.The Cofederates are losing. They have got fewer soldiers than the Union.


The end of the war, 1865

General E. Lee, the Confederate army leader, surrendered to General Ulysses Grant, the Union army leader. It is the end of the war. But more than 600.000 Americans are dead. Now the slaves are free and the country is one nation. Extra information. Abraham LIncoln was assassinated in the theatre Ford, Washington D.C. Jonh Wilkes Booth was his assassinate.


-Slaves: esclavos. -Abolish: abolizar. -Fewer: menos. -Army: ejercito. -Leader: líder. -Conquere: conquistar.


-Still: aún. -Signe: firmas. -Doubled: duplicó. -Size: tamaño. -Suffer: sufrir. -Force: fuerza.

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