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Escape room cat

Cristina Garvey Simón3.esocentro xabier ikastetzea



Answer the questions correctly to find it alive

One of Maite's cats has been stolen

+ info


Someone.....(sit) on your glasses if you leave them there.If you ask this question you have a clue about the cat thief

would sit

will sit


Maite doesn't get along with Borja, he has too many dogs

+ info

Pierre designs his costumes.

His costumes are designsed by pierre

His costumes were designsed by Pierre.


It turns out that Borja as a child was attacked by a cat, and one of Maite's Cats is a suspect in this crime with sharp claws.

+ info

You'll gwt pneumonia if you.....(not change) your wet clothes.

wasn't change

wouldn't change

don't change

won't change

If you go to paris, where.....(you/stay)?

have you stay

will you stay

would you stay

If you ask this question right, you will know the criminal. He......(visit) his uncle, if he finishes early.

will visited

will visit

would visit

You discovered the culprit!!!!

Borja was always the cat kidnapper

+ info

Maite has many enemies that you will encounter throughout the game.


Borja feels a lot of resentment towards cats, why is that? find out by completing the game


Borja has such a big trauma, he is definitely suspicious


Now Maite's cat can finally rest easy