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work done by : FRancisca roriz nº11

Advantages and disadvantages of social media.


Social media are virtual spaces where groups of people or companies relate to each other by sending messages, sharing content, among others and in this work I will talk about the advantages and disadvantages of social media

  • Global connectivity - It is now possible to connect with users from all around the world through social media.
  • The right place for noble causes - Social media is the best place to start on that journey if you want to provide some form of assistance or aid to those in need.
  • An excellent tool for education- Different social media platforms encourage learning by bringing together educators & professionals with students & learners from different age groups.
  • Information & updates- It is now possible to receive the latest information from across the world simply by accessing a social media platform.


  • Excessive use : You need to use social media in moderation , otherwise it becomes an addiction .
  • Fake information : not everything is true and many of these news may hide some type of virus to steal your data .
  • Social media can be used to commit or promote criminal activity .
  • Social media can encourage cyberbullying activities- Middle school students who are victims of cyberbullying are almost twice as likely to attempt suicide when compared to those who are not.


  • Social media are part of our lives and can be very beneficial if we use them consiously and creatively .


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