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English for Social Studies


The main objectives of this tutorial are: improvement reading and translating skills in English, automated and meaningful use of lexical and grammatical material, as well as of auditory and communicative skills as part of the development of a foreign language competence of students.Yuliya P. Spirina, teaching assistant of the Department of Foreign Languages, Sevastopol State University



Unit 1 Humanities and History

Unit 3 Humanities and Education

Unit 5 A new world order

Unit 2 Politics

Unit 4 Mass media

Final Test


Writing Skills "Forum"Reading Skills "Multiculturalism in the Modern World"Grammar Practice "Must or mustn't"

UNIT 5 Mass media

UNIT 4 Mass media

UNIT 3 Humanities and Education

UNIT 2 Politics

Skills practice

UNIT 1 Humanities and History

Reading Skills "Clear-Eyed Man of Destiny"Grammar Practice "Passive Voice"Writing Skills "The Humanities"

Vocabulary training "Verbs and prepositions"Listening Skills "How to Study English"Reading Skills "Sixteen - What now?"Grammar Practice "If clauses"

Vocabulary training "A Society Still Ruled by the Few" Listening Skills "Kinds of Societies"Reading Skills "Regimes of the Modern World"

Reading Skills "Digital journalism"Grammar Practice "English Tenses"Speaking skills "Misinformation"