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A Trip

The idea of going to Spain came when a friend of my father's, who lives in Spain, invited us to visit them. So me, my parents and my older sister went on a Wednesday night. We went to Spain by car, my father drove ten hours until we reached the city where we were going to stay, Zaragoza.


Hello everyone! Today I'm going to tell you about the last holiday trip I ever took, to Spain. This trip took place in the last week of August and the first week of September

We stayed at my parents' friend's house, who is called Kalabe lives with his wife who is called Liliana, and their two children Gabriel and his older sister Lara. The evenings with them were always very funny and Aunt Lili's lasagna was very good, I even miss it.

Palácio da Aljafería

Places Visited

I really enjoyed the two weeks I was there. But the day we went out to get to know a little bit of the city was my favorite. That day we had plans to visit the inside of a castle, but we ended up seeing only the outside, because the visits were closed at that time, but we still enjoyed the view of the castle was really beautiful as we can see in the image on the side.

Catedral- Basílica de Nossa Senhora do Pilar.

Places Visited

On the same day we visited a church, where I was told that the head of John the Baptist was there, but my parents would not show it to me. I also saw priests in the confessional, but some of them were on their cell phones. I just found it was a strange thing: the bodies of the dead priests were buried in that same church. I don't have any pictures inside because I wasn't allowed to take them, but the inside was beautiful.

The weather

Regarding time. When we arrived the weather was really good, it was hot and the sky didn't have any clouds, just the sun.But on the day we were leaving, the day dawned dark and rainy, on our return trip we even saw lightning and heard thunderstorms.


I really enjoyed this trip, it was one of my favorites. I loved getting to know another country and meeting Gabriel and Lara again. I really liked spain