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Welcome to your Mini grammar lesson with Nikolefrom


Let's look at two sentences. I've been in Italy before. (I HAVE BEEN in Italy before). PRESENT PERFECT. I travelled to Italy last year. PAST SIMPLE

Ever, never, already, yet, just, so far, up to now, and recently = PRESENT PERFECT TENSE

For example, - Have you EVER been to Italy? - No, I haven't been there YET, but maybe I will go next year. - I have been there BEFORE. - I have been to Italy RECENTLY. - I have JUST returned from Italy.

When we talk about action finished in the past, we should use past simple tense. Words and phrases like yesterday, last week, in 1990, ago, when I was a child, then, and specific dates or times often indicate the past simple.

For example, 'I WENT to Italy two years AGO.' I WENT to Italy in 2018. I WENT to Italy WHEN I WAS A CHILD.

Which of these sentences are NOT correct? Correct them and write your responses in the comment section. 1. I went to Spain before. 2. I studied English when I was in primary school. 3. I've studied Spanish last year. 4. I worked at Siemens before. 5. Did you ever go skiing? Thanks for watching! See you next time!