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Describing a photo

Work done by: Leonor Lourenço, n16, 7ºH

Why did I choose this photo?

What was the weather like?

Who was there? What were they doing?

Where is it?




My older sister (Eva, 17) took this photo in London, the capital of the UK (United Kingdom), in 2022.

wHere is it?

This photo was taken when my family of five decided to go to a trip to London, in 2022. Beside us, there were some people on the street. Some of them were tourists like us and others were locals.


In this photo we can see a random street in London, with some people walking and others driving their cars. There´s also a person riding a motorbike.

What were they doing?

Who was there?

If we look at the top of the photo, we can see that this photo was taken at the end of the day, between 6pm- 8pm. It was a bit cloudy and cold (we can se that because the people were wearing coats) but we can see a beautifull sunset.

what was the weather like?

I choose this photo because I think it is so beautifull and I absolutely loved being in London. London is my favourite city ever, and if I could, I would visit it every week. I wanted to show you guys this because it shows how pretty London is, and I think everyone should go to London sometime in their lives, it is really worth it. I also choose this photo because this is an English class and London is in England.

why did i choose this photo?

THANKYOU so much!

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