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8AM reduce unwanted human bias from the investment process by replacing the abstract “group think” of other providers with data and refined processes. Here's a short video summary of how we do it.



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8AM Global is a boutique asset manager obsessed with designing and operating the best MPS solutions in the marketplace. Founded in 2006, the 8AM team has focused almost entirely on the development andprovision of MPS since 2015.

About us

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The AQ system screens every fund within each IA sector. Each fund is reviewed using a series of factors, to create a ranking relative to all other members of the sector

How does it work?





risk assessment


Due diligence





Whether scheduled or performed reactively, the AQ investment process follows the same five steps:

We have sampled 700+ different MPS strategies and collated their data to last year end. Grouped by risk outcome and displayed using a ‘box and whisker’ This highlights the potential range of returns (whisker) alongside the concentration of 50% of the total distribution of returns surrounding the median (box).

Peer group

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Performance Since Launch - December end 2023 vs Peer MPS




Crystal balls used


Data points


Funds screened

Average outperformance of 8AM AQ portfolios vs IA sector benchmarks during 2023.

Highlights from 2023

Key stats

Note: 46,368 investment funds were screened and ranked by the AQ system during 2023

Note: The AQ system analyzed 1,669,248 individual data points of fund value throughout the year 2023.

Note: Average outperformance of 8AM AQ portfolios vs IA sector benchmarks during 2023.

Note: We do not attempt to boost returns through tactical asset allocation, as history has shown that this typically erodes value over the long term.

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You’re in good company...

Each month, we capture data on every fund in the Investment Association. We produce detailed, relative ranking tables to create clear evidence for fund selection and straightforward data to use in our reporting.

Evidence-based fund selection

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Newly agreed changes are instructed with each of the 23 platforms that host the AQ MPS.


The Investment Team meets to ensure the new picks do not misalign the portfolio risk levels with its assigned risk profile, and adjusts the allocations as required.All potential portfolio alterations are checked relative to our target strategic allocations, as well as the underlying fund exposures.Data is submitted to Dynamic Planner for approval – additional risk profilers receive data in quarterly arrears.

Risk assessment



Win rate

Source: FE Fundinfo & 8AM Global Limited – 01.11.2017 – 31.12.2023 Monthly observed rolling 12 month data - AQ fund picks versus relevant sector as binary win/lose outcome expressed as a percentage. Some sectors not in use throughout ‘since launch’ period – during periods of sector removal win/lose data has been removed from statistics. Back-testing performed using ‘walk forward’ methodology performing for ‘standard switches’ without use of ‘responsive’ – funds replaced based on fund with best score that had adequate platform availability and fund size.

We offer two ranges of risk-rated investment portfolios, managed by an experienced team and designed to help your clients reach their investment goals using three key principles;ClarityConsistencyCost


Evidence-based investing

AQ can operate with different areas of focus, allowing the investment team to select the scenario ‘gear’ of each sector that we invest in; ‘Defensive’ or ‘Neutral’. These ‘gears’ allow the Investment Team to focus the sector screening on data that’s relevant and responsive to current market conditions

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Advisers are updated on any new changes made in our ‘Portfolio Change Report’, via our online portal and direct email reporting.Reports include full change rationale for any fund alterations as well as justification of any asset allocation changes.


The Investment Team thoroughly reviews AQ's data and flags any potential fund modifications. It identifies all new potential funds, scrutinizing fund size, liquidity, underlying exposures, retail appropriateness, and platform availability...

Due diligence

The Investment Team is responsible for updating and checking the AQ system to generate all fund scores and raw data for the committee. During the initial part of the committee meeting, any independent research or macro analysis is reviewed, and any changes to the AQ sector 'gear' are decided as part of this stage.


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