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Welcome to Traction

Here is everything that will happen in our engagement


Setup on Slack

  • We onboard you to a Slack channel where our full engagement will be managed and communicated.
Setup Google Drive Folder
  • We manage our work with you in a shared and secure Google Drive folder.
Email Warm-Up
  • We acquire domains for you and set them to warm up for our outbound activity. We leave around 4-weeks for new mailboxes to fully warm up.
Kick-Off Call
  • Given that you have completed our onboarding form, we will collate the information given and ask follow-up questions about this.
Set up bi-weekly meetings
  • We like to set up a 45-60 minute weekly meeting where we can catch up on progress, and communicate any new changes or developments.
Trello Board
  • We map all of our actions using Trello, we will invite you to a board where you can have full transparency of our work together.
Deep Research
  • Once we have had our kick-off call, we will go straight into researching your product, market

GTM: Phase 1

Actions which will occur within this periodFull competition feature analysis and challenges in the marketDiscovery of potential intent-focussed triggers/eventsAnalysis of industry language and messagingAnalysis of your current customer baseBuild a global block list of people we don’t want to target

GTM: Phase 2

Actions which will occur within this periodIdentifying prospect channels of engagement and communicationConfirming tech-stackCreating Clay plays and tablesCreating experimental outbound campaignsDeveloping offer-based split testsFacilitating a workshop around our offer creation matrixGuiding you toward the construction of high-converting lead magnets

GTM: Phase 3

Actions which will occur within this periodOutbound campaigns set to runMonitoring campaign progressRamping up campaigns over timeCreating an intent-based fall-back listIdentifying successful triggers and leveraging themFacilitating a workshop around LinkedIn brand buildingGuiding you toward an optimised LinkedIn presence across the organisation

GTM: Phase 4

Actions which will occur within this periodEngagement review callGaining critical and honest feedback on our engagementDeveloping our plan for the rest of the yearReviewing successful and unsuccessful campaignsDoubling down on successful triggers

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