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Post interview questions

A candidate has just attended the interview, naturally as their consultant you will want to get onto the phone with them to find out how it went.In this presentation we are going to go through what information you can look to extract from that conversation.

Post Interviewquestions

  • Interview overview
  • Job match
  • Cultural match
  • Prospects
  • Package
  • Competition
  • Next steps

Different questions you can ask

Who did you meet?
What was the structure of the interview?
How long were you there for?
How did it go?
General questions that you can ask after the interview


Questions to check that the role is the right one for the candidate
What questions did you ask?
How do you feel you did on the technical questions?
What appealed to you in terms of job match?
How was the position described to you?

Job match

To check if the candidate is a cultural fit for the organisation
Do you see yourself working there?
Did you get on with the interviewer?

Cultural match

The candidates thoughts on the position
What 3 things would make you want the position?
What did you like and why?
What kind of future can you see for yourself?


The salary/benefits the candidate is looking for
What is the minimum package you'd accept?
If offered X would you accept? If not why?
Did you discuss package?


The likelihood they take the role or accept a counter offer/another offer
Is there anything that would stop you taking the role?
Counter offer prospects (how are things in your current role? Have things changed? Would anything make you stay?)
Do you have any other interviews/offers pending? How do they compare to this role?


The next steps of what the process looks like 2nd stage or straight to offer
Have you thought about the resignation process?
If second interview - when are you available?
What further information would you need to make a decision?
How did you leave it with the interviewer?

next steps

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