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My apresetation

My apresentation


My mom comes into my room to wake me up at 7 o'clock. My room is really cool; it has a red bed and a big blue desk where I do my homework.After waking me up, my mom always says, "Good morning, sleepyhead!" and opens the curtains to let the sunlight in. I get up slowly, put on my clothes, and go to the kitchen to have breakfast. I usually eat cereal with milk, but sometimes my mom makes toast or pancakes. I love it when she makes pancakes!After breakfast, I grab my backpack and go to school. My school is close to home, so I ride my scooter. When I get there, I meet my friends. The first class is math, which is one of my favorites, but I also really like science.During recess, we play Brawl Stars or talk about other things. When classes are over, I go back home and do my homework at my big blue desk. Sometimes my mom helps me when I have questions.After doing my homework, I have some time to play or watch TV. I like playing video games and watching my favorite cartoons. At 7 PM, we have dinner together. My mom is a great cook and I love it when she makes lasagna.After dinner, I take a shower and put on my pajamas. Before going to sleep, I like to read a bit or play on my tablet. My mom always comes to give me a goodnight kiss and turns off the light.And that’s how another normal day in my life ends. I love my routine because I always do things I like and I'm with the people I love!