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My life time

I was born on 20th April in 2012

In this picture I was slithering on a slide.

In this photo I wanted to eat with a huge spoon.

In this photo it was my birthday and I am there because when it is our birthday we take a photo there

In this photo I was giving my mother a diploma that I had made in class for being the best mother in the world.

Here I was practicing skating at the door of my house.

In this photo I had just graduated from primary school

In that photo I was turning 7 years old

This photo was on the porch of my house with my mother

These photos were the ones we gave to the guests of my first communion

In this photo I was turning 10 and I was with my mother's favorite cake

The one in this photo, I was making some bouquets because it was Mother's Day and he went to take my two grandmothers who were in heaven

In this photo I was with my friends and family celebrating my birthday.