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Holiday destinations


Today we come to talk about some of the trips we would like to take. Let's introduce you to the destinations and why we chose them.

New York

The destination I chose was New York because it is a very beautiful and popular city. I think New York is a city with a lot of entertainment so it's perfect for a vacation.


I chose Greece because I think it's a very beautiful place, full of culture and history behind .I would love to go sightseeing there and find out more about the country.

«All you need is a vacation»


We chose this phrase to demonstrate that everyone should have a vacation for many reasons.


It's going to bring you more knowledge.

You'll have a little more time for yourself.

You'll get to know more places.

You can make more friends and meet more people.

You'll have more experiences to tell.

The end!

Now you know the reasons to go on vacation.