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Taste and see that the LORD is good.


  • Not about church decline
  • Not because we want people to look and sound like us
  • Not recruiting for our church
  • Not trying to score points with God or the church
  • Because God changed our lives for the better

New believers have experienced something: hope, healing, meaning, forgiveness and they want others to experience the same thing.This is why it is important to have a fresh experience of the reality of God in our lives.


Matthew 28God’s commandment to all people. But also God’s call on our individual and teams’ lives. We have experienced something particular and we want to see this happen in others. God has revealed something to us and called us to fulfil a particular thing on His heart.

Commands & Calling

God commands us all to do certain things: love the LORD with all your heart, soul and mind (Deut 6.4), make disciples of all nations (Mat 28) and several other general commands given to all people at all times: these are his commands. But God also has a specific calling for each of us.God has a big heart - and his heart yearns for all people to be back in full relationship with him. He cares for the young, the old, every nation, every culture, every group of people however far they have drifted from him - he cares for them all. But often, God drops a small piece of his heart into our heart. Some people receive God’s yearning hearty for a particular group, a particular nation., a particular culture. This piece of God’s heart that he drops into us is our calling. If we put together all our callings into one place, it would start to look something like God’s heart for all his people.

Commands & Calling

So command is general and calling is specific. We are commended as the whole body of Christ to make disciples of all peoples, but we are called individually or as teams to specific groups.One of the reasons that we make disciples is because it reflects and relates to our calling. It mirrors that piece of God’s heart that he has dropped into ours and we experience that as a yearning to see a particular group come back into relation with God.