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Drama Costume Concpet Presentation

WW2 Russian soldierOfficers wore a single breatsed tunic, star pinswere worn to show rank

1960s Chicago mafiaTailored suits often with wide lapels, high waisted trousers and large collars

Character 2

Character 3


19th century ballerina (France) The tutu became the standard costume marking ballerinas in the century

Character 1

Furthermore diamonded feathered earrings also hinting to the wealth as previously mentioned and a ring on her left finger resembling her partner.

19th Century Ballerina~ I see the costume night gown being silk to represent her wealth, this is alluding to the fact that it came from her husband as the french ballerinas of that century were mostly prositutes due to financial posistion and abuses of power.

WW2 Russian Soldeir

A cap- Utilising symbolism of general (or his position in the army) makes his position in the war clear to the audienceStar pens pn uniform- Symbolising rankAn all black trench coat Anmo sleeve over chest- Plays apart of setting the violence he took part in

1960s Chicago Mafia

Drew most inpiration from a man called Nicholas Calabrese or known from his co-workers as "Nicky Slim" who is an informant to the mafia however he has been confirmed to be inactive now, when he was apart of the mafia he wore sunglasses, a black tie to fit with his collared shirt (he'd wear all sortsof patterns) and his hair slicked back.


19th Century Ballerina Final Concept +Measurements (INCHES)A- 34B- 27C-38.4D-13E-16F-14G-23.5H-37.5I-20J-59

WW2 Russian SoldierMeasurements (INCHES) A- 34B-27C-29D-12E-15F-13G-20.5H-27I-31J-53

1960s chicago MafiaMeasurements (INCHES)A-32B-26.5C-31D-11E-15F-15G-19.5H-25I-30J-49.5