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Warning: This is not the final look. The web version will not have this much detail and quality..

Wisdomia Gallery

Gallery Mockup

Wisdomia Gallery

Outside - Start Point

Background with mountains and trees - Nature

Einstein welcome us in a video

Based in Pyramid of Giza

Sunset Should we change to another HDRi?

Should we put vegetation?

Option #2

Wisdomia Gallery

1º Floor Materials

Option #1 - Marble 3x

Option #2 - Marble 2x

Option #2 - Concrete 3x

Wisdomia Gallery

2º Floor CeillingSiza Vieira Inspiration

Siza Vieira

Siza Vieira

Option #1 - Triangle

Option #2 - Square

Wisdomia Gallery


Option #1 - Floor Image

Option #2 - Sphere

Wisdomia Gallery

Portals Transition

Owl Flying - Back View

Fly space tech animation

Thank you!