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Before starting to create, it is worth taking a few minutes to think about what this map tells you.

Maps are a great ally, use them!

And use this spaceto describe it.

Use videos!

¡Muy WOW.

It has a WOW effect

y experiencia.

Measure results

with your content.



Generate experiences



technology Infographic


Use timelines

To tell stories in an orderly, hierarchical, structured, and concise way.

These are the four pillars for giving a successful presentation.

Don’t forget to add interactivity and animation!

You can briefly describe what the timeline of your presentation consists of and state the milestones achieved verbally so that no onefalls asleep.

Show enthusiasm, smile, and maintain eye contact with your audience. 'The eyes, chico. They never lie.’ You’re bound to impress.

If you’re going to present live, we recommend training your voice and rehearsing; the best improvisation happens when you’re prepared!

You can make an outline to summarize the content and use words that will be imprinted in the memories of your audience.




Use this space to add awesome interactivity. Include text, images, videos, tables, PDFs... even interactive questions! Premium tip: if you want to gather information on how your audience interacts, remember to enable user tracking in the Analytics preferences. Let the communication flow!

Provide context to your topic with a subtitle

A brilliant title


Did you know? We retain 42% more information when the content has movement. It may be the most effective resource for capturing your audience’s attention.

Did you know? In Genially you’ll find more than 1,000 templates that are all ready for you to enter your content and customize, and that will help you tell your stories.

Did you know? Windows allow you to add more extensive content. You can enrich your genially by including PDFs, videos, text ... The window content will appear when you click on the interactive element.

Multimedia content is essential to achieve a WOW effect in your creations. Including background music, audio, or sound effects here... It always adds something extra!

Here you can put a highlighted title