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The future of construction A competitive, green and digital Europe

Construction has a huge impact on people's lives, their jobs and their quality of life.

  • The construction sector is responsible for over 35% of the EU’s total waste generation.
  • Construction products, manufacturing, material extraction and renovation of building are 5% - 12% of total national GHG emissions.
  • The use of efficiency materials could save 80% of GHG emissions.

Empowering Women in Construction

Image source: Digital Builder - AUTODESK

Empowering Women in Construction

Image source: EUR-Lex

The future of Europe The European Green Deal

The future of Europe and the world at large is threatened by climate change and environmental degradation. To overcome these challenges, the European Commission adopted in December 2019 the "European Green Deal" to increase the well-being and improve the health of today's citizens and future generations.

Empowering Women in Construction

Empowering Women in Construction


Digital Transition

Global competitiveness

Green Transition

The future of Europe – A green Deal Industrial Plan

In January 2023, the European Commission presented a Green Deal Plan to become the European industry greener, more circular and more digital. The future of construction stops with these three drivers that will transform the construction industry.

Empowering Women in Construction

1. Regulatory framework: simplified to improve European industrial capacity and provide a common regulatory framework that can be effectively implemented, promoting strategic projects and to improve the technologies of the European single market. 2. Access to finance: accelerating investment and funding for clean technology production. 3. Skills upgrading: to implement a green transition without affecting jobs (the EU estimates that it can affect 35-40%). 4. Open trade for resilient supply chains: cooperative work to foster clean technology industry partnerships.

The Green Deal Industrial Plan

The Green Pact Industrial Plan aims to improve the competitiveness of European industry through zero emissions and to drive the transition to zero emissions. This plan focuses on 4 pillars:

Empowering Women in Construction

Green Deal Industrial Plan – Green & Digital Skills

Source: Eurostat (env_ac_egss1), (env_ac_egss2), (nama_10_gdp) and (nama_10_a10_e)

The third pillar of the Green Deal Industrial Plan focus on green and digital skills because the green transition must be people-centred. According to Eurostat estimates, employment in the EU environmental economy increased from 3.2 million in 2000 to 5.1 million in 2020.

Empowering Women in Construction

“We have a once in a generation opportunity to show the way with speed, ambition and a sense of purpose to secure the EU’s industrial lead in the fast-growing net-zero technology sector. Europe is determined to lead the clean tech revolution. For our companies and people, it means turning skills into quality jobs and innovation into mass production, thanks to a simpler and faster framework. Better access to finance will allow our key clean tech industries to scale up quickly.” President Ursula von der Leyen - 01/02/2023

Empowering Women in Construction

The New European Bahaus – from 1919 to 2021

The New European Bahaus is a European initiative that connects the objectives of the Green Deal to promote a more sustainable lifestyle in various sectors such as construction. It focuses on bringing a more creative perspective to the European Green Deal by bringing it closer to people's lives. The pillars of NEB are:

Empowering Women in Construction

The New European Bahaus – Values

Valorising diversity, equality for all, accessibility and affordability


Quality of experience and style, beyond functionality.


From climate goals, to circularity, zero pollution, and biodiversity.


Empowering Women in Construction