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An interactive map of the fictional world of Vyrenelle, including five locations with images and sounds.


The Sunken Wilds is an ancient, untouched place by humankind and holds the last traces of magic in Vyrenelle. A large expanse of dark, ethereal forest, humans stay far away from the forest for fear of never returning - either from magic or wild beasts. Meanwhile, the Fae and their queen, Aradne, have created a small village within the crater-like valley to recover their civilization.

The Sunken Wilds

  • Population: 1,389
  • Race(s): Fae Folk

Eden Bay is the human capital on Vyrenelle and marks where the humans first landed after escaping a deathly plague on a faraway land. It is the largest settlement and known for its development in technology and culture, though historically, is most known for leading the war against the native Fae folk, and humankind's loss of magic.

Eden Bay

  • Population: 7,227
  • Race(s): Human

Beihrcroft has a reputation of having peaceful, welcoming inhabitances since several centuries ago, when Beihrcroft refused to fight the native Fae folk and posted itself as a refuge for all during the war. As such, they had access to magic the longest, until the disappearance of the last of the Fae folk. This has led to strains with other towns, especially the capital, Eden Bay, which exist to this day.


  • Population: 534
  • Race(s): Human

Moonstone Shores is a sacred Fae site. When a new queen takes power, her first vow is to protect the location. On the surface, it looks like rocky caves, but it is actually a network of caverns and is where Queen Aradne and her advisors have been hiding out. A mysterious doorway is heavily guarded, only to be used by the queen herself.

Moonstone Shores

  • Population: 16
  • Race(s): Fae Folk

The Barrier is a collection of small islets that circle around Vyrenelle's perimeter. Legend says it was created during the Great War between the Fae and the humans in an attempt to seal the two forces in until a victor was decided. The Barrier itself remains untouched, considered cursed. Hidden there is a magic portal, not unlike the one hidden in the deep caverns of Moonstone Shores.

The Barrier

  • Population: 0
  • Race(s): None