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Students tend to focus more when not in possession of a cellphone.


Teachers should trust students and allow them to keep their cellphones.


Teacher's pros to not using cellphones during class


Student's cons to not using cellsphones during class



There may be a physiological connection between students and their phones.


Students do not know when it is or is not appropriate to use the phone.


Sometimes, teachers make the best decisions for students.


Students may use their phones to keep themselves organized.


Students may use phones for resources, whether to take notes or search the web.


Students may be more enganged when viewing interactive media content.

"The thing I think is important is that when we remove them from our pockets and places where they distract us, we can actually all be a lot more present in the work of the moment and have richer discussions and deeper learning." - English Teacher, Christopher Moore

"Teachers should trust students enough to allow them to keep their phones." - Toiyo Diya ('27)

"Maybe psychologically, it provides some kind of comfort...I guess for someone who is reliant on the phone, it might provide some psychological benefit." - Social Studies Teacher, Lanting Xu

"Knowing when using the phone is appropriate and when it's not appropriate. I think most of our students don't seem to have that kind of self-discipline to actually know when it is not appropriate to use their phone in class." - Social Studies Teacher, Lanting Xu

"There's a lot of time that in schools, we can help you make decisions that are the best for you and your learning." - Math Teacher, Debra Kelly

"I know many people in the school who use their phones to write down their homework or plan their day." - Toiyo Diya ('27)

"I can use my phone when I am confused about something in class, like to search something up or watch a YouTube tutorial." - Toiyo Diya ('27)

"[Phones] can be helpful when looking at stuff online." - Toiyo Diya ('27)