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HOMEWORK :) 1. Print off the following worksheets and fill them in. Take a look at the explanation of present continuous. https://research.kent.ac.uk/theenglishhubforrefugees/wp-content/uploads/sites/1840/2021/01/Daily-Routines-and-plans-A2-Students-worksheet-1.pdf 2. Write down your daily routine. Try to use present simple (challenge: use present continuous too!).

Daily Routine Watch the video about daily routine and write down any words you don't understand https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I-QmLTzNoBk&t=12s

Reading :) https://www.englishwsheets.com/present%20simple%20peters%20daily%20routine%20esl%20reading%20comprehension%20worksheet.pdf Przetłumacz fragmenty zdań w nawiasach na język angielski.

  1. Our teacher ___________________ (zawsze zadaje) us homework.
  2. (Co robisz) ___________________ today after school?
  3. My dog ___________________ (nigdy nie szczeka) at strangers.
  4. Children ___________________ (nie lubią) tidying their rooms.
  5. ___________________ (nie pracuję) from home this week.
  6. Why ___________________ (zawsze pomagasz) Jeremy? He’s never nice to you!
  7. Andrea ___________________ (próbuje) to sleep but it’s too loud.
  8. They ___________________ (rzadko organizują) birthday parties at home.
  9. ___________________ (nie wierzę) my eyes! Is that Susan with Tom?
  10. Why ___________________ (ona zawsze przychodzi) late? That’s so annoying!