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Renewable Energy

Careers in

As we’ve seen, the renewable energy industry is getting bigger and better. It’s going to keep growing, with EDF leading the way by developing and implementing a huge number of exciting and innovative projects. The great news is that there are several career options you can follow in the renewable energy industry.


If it’s solar you’re into, you could be part of the design team, combining solar tech knowledge, local and community requirements, and safety codes to design the perfect solar farm. Maybe you’d rather be part of project development, setting up proposals to pitch to local councils and performing assessments. Or perhaps you’d rather work in the manufacturing side of things, making components such as inverters or racking equipment, or in installation, bringing all this hard work together and maintaining the site once it’s underway.



If you’re leaning more towards wind power, you could be doing roles similar to those on solar farms, or you could be a Wind Turbine Technician; climbing up propellers to maintain them once they’re in operation. For offshore wind farms, there are also many jobs you might never have thought of, such as:

Marine mammal observer: recording animal data in the environment of the potential wind farm

Oceanographer: looking at waves, tides, currents, and the chemicals in seawater and sediments

Diver: checking the foundations once in place and establishing if any repair work is necessary


Working in hydrogen could combine all of the above roles again, whilst also providing opportunities to focus on the research and development of scaling up electrolyser technology to fuel more industries, or adapting current industrial infrastructure to be able to use hydrogen as its main fuel.