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Do You Know the Terminology on a Race Card?

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The Official Ground Going

Information on Horses

Extra Information

Horses Equipment

The Official Ground Going Grass Turf HD - Hard Going FM - Firm Going GD-FM - Good to Firm Going GD - Good Going SFT - Soft Going GD-SFT - Good to Soft Going or Yielding HVY - Heavy Going All Weather Surfaces FST - Fast STD - Standard STD-FST - Standard to Fast SLW - Slow STD-SLW - Standard to Slow

Information on Horses Gender (The smaller letter confirms their sex) C = Colt F = Filly Colour (The starting letter of the horses information history box confirms their colour) B = Bay Ch = Chesnut Horses Form 0 = Finished outside the top 9 1-9 = Where the horse finished The Dash (-) = Separate years The Slash (/) = Separate seasons R = Horse refused to start or jump P or PU = Jockey pulled the horse up F = Horse fell U or UR = Jockey had a fall B or BD = Horse brought down by other participant

Extra Information BF = Horse did not win despite being the favourite C = Horse has previously won at the course D = Horse has previously won over the distance of the race under consideration CD = Horse has won over course and distance in the past WS = Horse has its first run after undergoing a wind surgery

Horse Equipment B = Blinkers V = Visors E/S = Eyeshield C/C = Eye cover H = Hood T = Tongue strap P = Cheekpiece