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Most of my friends took John’s side and say that he's so upset about the break up.

I'm so tired. I'm constantly on edge all the time. I barely eat and I'm having nightmares.

I feel guilty. It must be my fault.

John has already made allegations against me.

No one will believe me. I have no voice.

I feel so alone.

What's John planning? He's so volatile when he's upset. He'll be angry I've moved away.

I have no job, no friends and I don't know this place.

I think John has found me again, but I can't really report a hunch to the police.

I've changed my whole life just to get away from John but he always seems to know where I am.

I feel like I'm going mad. I jump at every little noise.

I can't do anything without him knowing. I'm trapped.