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Impact of prejudicial language on others with examples of current affairs such as genocide in Gaza and invasion in Ukraine.


Impact of prejudicial language on others


Prejudical language is the use of language to create preconception in the audience and can be expressed with biasty or words and phrases that offensive and hurtful.

Currant Affair 1

Gaza - IsraelGenocide

- their has been ongoing conflict between the two ever since-0ctober 7th 2023 was when the conflict came back to the headlines-Hamas and other Palestinian militant groups launchedcoordinated armed incursions from the Gaza Strip into the Gaza envelope of southern Israel- the first invasion of israeli terrioty since 1948-Israeli government and zionists are the reason for 65,000 deaths in 2024 alone. - They have been bombing and attacking Palestine since October 7

-the jewish community were placed in Palestine at the beggining of world war 2. -A day later war broke out and thats where the Palestine Israel Conflict/Genocide began. -As time went on more and more jews came to Palestine looking for shelter becuause of the holocaust.


May 14, 1948 was the start of this all.


Currant Affair 2

Ukraine and RussiaConflict

27th February 2014 was the beggining of Ukraine and Russia's Conflict. Putin continues to bomb and take over Ukraines territory and thousand of Ukrainians are displaced and become refugees in airports and train stations. (Russia has done loads of other prejudicial things too.)

whats happened

Currant Affair 3

Women's and Voting

when did it finish

The Representation of the People Act, 1928 In 1928 women were finally given the same rights as men and all adults over 21 could vote.

when did it start

In 1866 men got to voteMen over 21 years old only

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