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fast fashion


Fashion and you!!!


I’m an awesome subtitle, ideal for giving more context about the topic at hand

A great presentation


What are the advantages of it?

Does this shock you?Look at the infogram ...... but first do the vocabulary exercise....

Shall we watch a video





Think about what you have learnt.Prepare to talk about Fast Fashion

Before writing follow the guide and then write your essay in 150 to 180 words

What are the advantages and disadvantages of Fast Fashion?


... many people argue that...
On the other hand...
On the one hand..

Writing your essay.1. Make notes about the advantages and disadvantages ( You can use the information you have learnt )

3. Write4. Check

Show consequence or cause: consequently / therefore/sobecause of / as a result of

Justify : for example / for instance / such as
In contrastHowever, while whereas

Expressing opinion;I thinkIn my opinionFrom my point of view

Introduction: Start with a generalstatement , explain clearly whatyou are going to write about.
To sum upTo concludeIn conclusion
In additionFurthermoreMoreoverAlsoAnother advantage/disadvantage is
Firstly, secondly ....finally
Introduction2 or 3 advantages2 or 3 disadvantagesConclusion
2. Plan your essay

Drag each part of the essay and put in the correct order.

On the other hand...... For instance.....Moreover......... so/thereforeAnother disadvantage is ....
On the one hand..... For example.....Furthermore, ............consequently...Finally,......
To sum up, while there are both advantages and disadvantages to fast fashion, I think that......
Nowadays the issue of fast fashion and its consequences is a hotly debated topic that divides opinion. In this essay I will look at both sides of the argument and to conclude I will give my opinion
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