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The Elections Process

Standing for a Committee Vacancy

Vacancy published

Authors of research publications, including monographs, books and chapters, should familiarise themselves with funder, Research Excellence Framework (REF) and University open access policies to ensure compliant publication, as further steps may apply. Search your funder's website for their open access policy, or SHERPA Juliet.

  • PRESUBMISSION: manuscript must include the following statements
  • Funding: The funder name(s) and reference number(s) for the grant(s) that directly funded the work, in whole or in part, in the funding or acknowledgements section. (Indirect funding e.g. use of prefunded resources, should be acknowledged as such, and there is no need to provide a grant reference.)
  • Data sharing: How the underlying research materials (such as data, samples or models) may be accessed.
Rights Retention Strategy (RRS) statement in submission drafts, funder acknowledgments section, cover letter, and author accepted manuscript (AAM)

Nominations Close

Publication of Results of Nominations Received

Uncontested Election

Contested Election

Lapsed Vacancy

Deemed Elected

Ballot Held

An appointment is made