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Through out the book, the twins are thinking if they are meant to find their twin. are they meant to meet eachother or is there a reason why fate separated them? They also have to decide if they want to stay loyal to their new life or do they want to run away and start new.

Even though the twins are completely different, they still stay connected like the magnets. Hassana is the outgoing twin, while Victoria Is more quiet and shy.

The twins were a sea apart. The sea represents their separation and the distance of it.

The twins didn’t know where to find eachother but they start connecting through dreams, they would dream about eachother every night! That’s one of the main ways they communicated.

A riot in the village, causing the village to catch on fire, is the reason why the twins got separated from each other and their family. Maybe there is a reason why this all happened?

Even though Hassana has been accepted to a new family, they don’t treat her well and she doesn’t like them at all. Hassana has to decide to stay at the only place she can call home or pursue her dreams.