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This traditional phone handset will need to be replaced or adapted for VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) technology due to the PSTN switch-off in December 2025. Ensure your phone system is compatible with digital services to maintain seamless communication.Click below to see how Genmar can help sourcing you a new phone system.

Upgrade Needed

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If your broadband service is currently delivered via copper lines, you will need to switch to a broadband solution that does not depend on the PSTN network, such as SoGEA, NGA, FTTP, or a leased line. Click below to find out how Genmar can help migrate to broadband which doesnt rely on the PSTN network.

New Broadband

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Many devices such as fax machines, alarm systems, and POS (Point of Sale) systems currently rely on PSTN lines. With the upcoming switch-off, it’s crucial to assess these devices for compatibility with digital services or replace them with newer, IP-based systems. Ensure all hardware is ready to function seamlessly on a modern network infrastructure.

Other Office Hardware

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