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BOOT WASH A stand-alone boot cleaning station designed to clean off site operatives’ or visitors’ footwear before entering clean zones, such as site cabins or newly constructed buildings.

SMOKING SHELTER A modular, steel framework to provide shelter from bad weather for site workers to be able to smoke in an outdoor, designated, safe environment.

CRANELIFT COSHH DRUM STORE A store for the safe storage of COSHH Drums that can be crane lifted when full.

WHEEL WASH A cost-effective wheel-cleaning system for construction sites.

CHAIN STORAGE RACK Crane and fork liftable rack to keep lifting gear organised, clean and secure.

GAS BOTTLE STORAGE CAGE A Gas Bottle Storage Cage is a robust, galvanised security cage especially designed for storing gas cylinders.

AUTOLOCK TIPPING SKIP The faster, easier and safer method of transporting waste material.

STILLAGE A frame for storage of materials..

FORKLIFT POWERBRUSH SWEEPER A hydraulic forklift sweeper attachment that cleans and collects dirt and waste.

FUEL ECO-HUB A stand-alone, central hub for fuel management on-site.

SAFETY BRIEFING STATION A multi-functional unit for site personnel.

LIFTING EQUIPMENT STORAGE CONTAINER A container for storing lifting chains and accessories.