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THe power of having someone's life in your hands

Jaja, Cynthia and Fiona


What would you do?

A) Respect the patient's decision
B) Force the patient to accept this treatment because the doctor knows best



What if?

The patient was an elderly woman who showed signs of abuse, inflicted by her husband. She pleads with you (the doctor) to not tell anyone about it, as she feels dependent on him as her primary caregiver?

With great power comes great responsibility...

Knowing your own limits:
  • Ensures appropriate care is given
  • Ultimately safeguards patient wellbeing

Communication with other healthcare professionals:

  • Avoids misunderstandings
  • Reduces risk of errors
  • Allows for all those involved to make informed decisions

Too pressed for time?

How can the problem be resolved?
  • Recruitment and training of other healthcare professionals to lessen the workload
  • Preventative healthcare to improve efficiency

GP appointments are often rushed:

  • Standard length is 10 minutes (already very short)
  • But 1 in 6 across England last less than five...
  • Patients feel they're not being listened to/ neglected and the human touch is lost

In conclusion...

It is the duty of a doctor to:
  • Uphold the standards of medical ethics
  • Communicate with their patients
  • Empower them to make the right decisions for themselves