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Employee Lifecycle in SuccessFactors



Data Changes




SuccessFactors help support the entire employee lifecycle, form onboarding, data changes whilst in the business, offboarding when an employee leaves us and if they return, rehires. The differing stages of the employee lifecycle need to be captured in SuccessFactors. Managing employee data is as easy as 1,2,3...

As soon as you are aware of a change to an employees data you can enter this in SuccessFactors - the effective date means the change won't take place until that date is passed. (IMPORTANT NOTE: if workflow approval is required, the data change won't take effective until after the approval process is complete even if the effective date is reached)

Data Changes

When you know an employee will leave the business, you can enter this in SuccessFactors, when the effective date is reached the employee status will become 'inactive'.

Employee Offboarding

Once it is known that an employee is joining us you can add them as a new employee in SuccessFactors. Their SuccessFactors ID may be required to request new IT equipment. In SuccessFactors the employee status will remain as 'inactive' until their data of commencement. Returning Employees: Employees retain one SuccessFactors ID for any employment they may have with us.

Employee Onboarding