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Séance numérique 6e


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Revision Time!

Your mission :

- Complete all the exercises to help the Minions find their way around London!- Each exercise give you one part of the sentence! - At the end, put the words together to find the secret sentence!

1st mission : London monuments

2nd mission : Spelling

3rd mission : British symbols

4th mission : Pronouns

5th mission : the imperative form

6th mission : Directions

You have completed all the missions! Now enter your secret sentence on the next page!

It's not over! You have one final mission!

In your copybook, create one question following the model

Give 1 true answer and 3 false answers

Use the mindmap studied in class to help you!

When you have your question, call the teacher and write it on her computer!

Answer your classmates' questions using your Plickers QR code! Stay focused to win the quiz!