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Prepare 3

which do you prefer?

What types of school do you know about?We are going tofind out about different types.

Different types of schools

china: Listen to lan talking about his schooL.

He is homeschooled

This is Oliver.He is at home.He isn't at school.Why?
What is it?

world school

What is it?

2. Listen again . Are the sentences true or false?1 There are four people in Ethan's family.2. Ethan's mum left her job because she wanted to see the world.3. Ruth and Ethan were homeschooled before they went travelling.4. Ethan's parents didn't tell anyone about their plans.5. Ruth and Ethan's parents helped with the world schooling.6. Ruth and Ethan do a lot of different things when they are travelling.7. Ethan's parents wanted him to go back to school.8. Ethan says he works harder at school than he did when he was world schooled.

1. Listen to the What's New Section on a morning radio show. A boy called Ethan is talking about his experience of schooling. What phrase does he use for the education he had on the trip?

boarding school

What is it?

other collocations

take or havedo or make



C. 6. Where is the best school for Ben's son? in ___________street. 7. How many students are in the school? _____________ 8. What can't students wear to school? ___________ 9. How often do students take tests ? every ___________

2. Listen again and write one word or number for each answer.A. 1. What subject will Mrs Black teach Class 8A? 2. what subject will Mr Hill teach Class 8A ?B. 3. Where does Lorna live? On a ____________- 4. Who is homeschooled with Laura? _______________ 5. Which subject does their mum teach the best? _______________

1. Listen to three people talking about school and learning. Write Mrs Black, Lorna or Ben.1. _________ is describing a school.2. __________ is describing a way of learning.3. __________ is explaining what is going on.

What are the best things about your school?What are the worst things?

Now write about your perfect school.Answer the questions and add any other information you want.

0. What homework do you have ? e 1. How long are the holidays ?2. What lessons do you have ?3. Who are the teachers ?4. Where is the school?5. What do you wear to school ?6. How many students are there at the school '

Read the text about someone's perfect school.Then match the parts of the text a - g to the questions below.-

A description of your perfect school.


can you add any more tips

You did that quickly.What type of word is 'quickly'?

What is a tip?How useful are these tips to learn English?

Can you think ofany others?

Over to you:

Adjectives and adverbs



From all things grammar

Extra practise : Timer how many sentences can you write?

Adjectives or Adverbs

A bit of grammar

Review rules for comparing adjectives.

Do the speaking exercise and compare the two things.

Making comparisons

So how do wecompare adverbs?

What are the rules?

Adjectives: comparatives and superlatives


Making Comparisons

What should you do less quickly?What should you domore slowly?What should you do better?

Remember:The rules are the same as for comparing adjectives.Don't forget some adverbs are irregular too.

Bamboozle Comparative Adverbs

Say if it is an adjective or adverband compare !


Secondary schools in England

How many Alevels do students take?What is a comprehensive school?What subjects are compulsory at GCSE?What do a lot of students do after Alevels?

Compare this to secondary schools in your country.

School riddles.What am I?

Would you like to be world schooled?Would your parents be good teachers?Which parts of the world would you like to see?What would you miss about your school?
Look at the anagrams of these school subjects. How quickly can you tell me what they are?

ismuc = music