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Key things you can do!

Reflect – “So what you’re saying is…” This is where you will repeat back what you believe you have understood and wait for agreement or clarification.

Acknowledge – “I can see/hear that this would be important for you”. This is about demonstrating that you have heard and understood that the point someone has just made is important for them.

Agree – “Absolutely, Such a good point”. This is where you show appreciation of the value of what someone else has added.

Build – “Yes, and…” This is helpful if you feel someone is making a point that needs a bit more adding into the conversation. Be careful of using ‘but’ as this can have a negative impact on the communication and ultimately the relationship.

Open up – “What do other people think?” This creates an opportunity for a more open forum.

Bounce – “does anyone else have any insight into this one?” If you aren’t sure of the response but are sure that there is someone in the room you can pass it to, then this can be very helpful.

Defer – “I’d prefer to pick this one up after the pitch.” A good option if you feel the response could be time-consuming or take you too much off the trajectory.

Delay – “I will get to this point if you can bear with me for a few minutes.” This one gives you a bit of time to think about how to respond but it is important that you loop back and ultimately answer this before the session concludes.