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Omni-Channel Appointment Booking

John Lewis Technical Support


How to Interact with the slide

Whenever you see a make sure to click on one, this should show the interractive elementsThis is an interractive course, clicking on the highlight circles will guide you through your learning!Clicking on will take you to the next page (make sure to click on all the First In case you are lost, you can click on the on the top right Corner

Obejectifsof the Course

The aim of this course should be:-Show you when to use OCAB-How to book an appointment-How to amend an appointment-How to cancel an appointment

Obejectifsof the Course

The aim of this course should be:-Show you when to use OCAB-How to book an appointment-How to amend an appointment-How to cancel an appointment

Moving forward, when referring the customer to the branch, you will need to book an appointment instead of simply asking them to go.This makes it easier for our partners to know and be prepeared to serve the customers efficiently

What we want from OCAB?

What is OCAB?

OCAB is the system we use to book online appointments with expert advisors in our branches to provide expert advice or support on a multitude of different services. Customers are able to book, manage and amend their appointments in person, by phone or independently via the self-serve online booking system on the JLP website.


You can find OCAB by login to your Horizon and looking for Appointment

Once you are logged in You can chose the branch to book your appointment on Let's start the booking process:

Only the golden Slots are available, the grey ones cannot be used

You can see the appointments that are already booked in blue

Once you select the Timeframe/Date in which you would like the booking to be (out of the available options), you can click on Add Booking

Click on the interraction buttons to reveal each service and its usage

You will be then presented with the two following options

You will then have to select a date that is availble and fits the customer's scheduleYou could select between Morning and Evening windows (15min & 30min depending on the appointment you choose)

-Time of the Booking-The store involved-Tech Support 1 (It always says this)-A complimentary Price (It always says this)-A description of the fault that you have to fill youself-There is also a reminder for the customer to come to the branch 5min early for their appointment

The summary includes

This is the Summery PageWithin it you will find the description of the faultClick for more insight

You should now be able to Book an appointment on OCAB !!Let's take another look quickly at how to cancel or amend an appointment

Once you enter the customer's details, you will receive a message that the booking has been completed!It should look like this

Clicking on it will reveal the options available on the bottom right corner

To amend or cancel an appointment, you have to click on it first

How to amend or Cancel an appointment

OCAB is a fairly straight forward tool to useWhat you need to keep in mind while using it should be:-The difference between Repair & Troubleshooting-To put the Right-Now Reference and a description of the fault of the item-In case you don't find any Bookable Slots, the customer should still be able to go to the store and have the services by themselves

Remember this


Thank you


You will need to put the reference of the incident in the description of the fault, you will also put a brief description of what exactly is going with the itemJust like SP fault description, It needs to be brief, but specific

The pop up above will show when clicking on Cancel bookingAll you would have to do is to confirm the cancellation and you should be done

Clicking on Actions next will show you the following optionsUsing these options you can:-Move the booking to another date-Cancel the booking