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Design Pathway

Customer Profile Development Workshop

1. To familiarise Design students with the process of developing customer profiles to inform their design decisions.2. To enhance students' understanding of user-centred design principles and their application in fashion and graphic design.


Consumer profiling is essential for marketing to target and communicate effectively with the proper customers. It can lead to more successful marketing campaigns, higher revenue, and, most importantly, satisfied consumers. Understanding your target audience is important because it lets businesses gather and analyse information about their target customers. This helps them learn more about their customers and develop marketing plans that are more likely to fit their needs and preferences.


Activity 1: Videos

Here are three videos on Customer Profile Development. Please watch them in order. As you progress with the videos, they provide more details and examples of the Customer Profiling process. Please be sure to take notes and pay attention to key concepts and examples presented in the videos.

Video 1

Video 2

Video 3


Covers news and trends in the fashion industry, including consumer behaviour and market analysis.


A global collective of writers, artists, designers, musicians, poets, philosophers and punks.

Smashing Magazine

Provides articles and resources on web design and user experience design.


Offers insights into web design trends and user experience principles.

These are some resources that you might find useful to understand all the aspects that are part of the customer profiling process. Click on the logos to go to the webpages.


Post on your Padlet Group

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Share your insights and observations of the videos and webpages Comment on 1) Key elements of customer profiles (demographics, psychographics, behaviour). 2) How can customer profiles inform fashion and graphic design decisions? 3) Find examples of successful design projects influenced by user-centred design principles. 4) Comment on the Webpage resources. Which one was your favourite resource and why?

1. Informative. Watch the video and take notes.

Activity 2: Create a Customer Persona

  • Using a CANVA template, as shown in the video, create from 3 to 5 different customer personas based on the characteristics you consider essential for your business.
  • Be creative and think critically about your customer personas' needs, preferences, and challenges.
  • Remember to consider the fashion or graphic design contexts when developing your personas.

Post your Personas on Padlet

- Post your Customer Personas on your class Padlet page. - Write a brief explanation of your persona's background and interests and how they would influence your design decisions. - Read and provide constructive feedback on at least three of your classmate's customer personas.