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Henry's Bill


Help Henry to understand his bill and explain his payments.

Henry lives alone. His daughter Charlie lives around the corner.He's just had an email to say his bill is ready to view.He clicks on the link and opens his bill.

Click here to read his bill.

The year the bill relates to.This could be a previous tax year.

The name and address of the person the bill is being sent to.

The address the bill relates to.This could be different to the address where the post is being sent.

The reference number the bill relates to.

The date the letter was issued.


A breakdown of where the payments are going to and how much they are.

The bill amount and any discounts or Council Tax Support that has been applied.

The total of the bill before any discounts.

The council tax band (A is the lowest).


How the payments should be made. This will be by Direct Debit or Cash (Cash is anything other than a Direct Debit.)

The reason for the bill being issued. This could include New Year, Copy Bill, Discount Change etc.

The customer's payments, usually spread over 10 or 12 months.

The total bill after any discounts or Council Tax Support.


Henry is a little confused and calls Charlie for help.He explains he can't see his single person discount.Can you find this on his bill for him?

Click here to read his bill.

Click here to reveal the answer


He thanks Charlie for her help and continues reading.He wants to know if he needs to go into the bank to make his payments.Does he?



Thanks darling, bye.

Charlie has to go to work so they say goodbye.After his chat with Charlie, Henry has 1 more question so he phones us.


1. Your daughter may be getting an extra discount.

Good morning, my daughter is getting February and March for free and I'm not, why is that?

Select the most likely explanation to give to Henry.

3. This is due to government legislation, she must be disregarded or exempt on those months.

4. You have to pay as billed. Bills are calculated based on the rateable value of the property determined by the VOA. If you want to dispute this you will need to contact them directly.

2. If someone has a payment gap, these months are not free. This is because their payments are spread over 10 months and they pay slightly more each month, and have a gap, rather than 12 months like yours, where you pay slightly less each month.

Time for a cup of tea!

Phew! You've successfully helped Henry read and understand his bill. Well done!


Thankyou for helping Henry!

Understanding how a bill works is extremely important and will help you answer many queries you recieve.

Well done!


He is set up to pay by Direct Debit so he can relax and let us do the work.

Oh No!

He is set up to pay by Direct Debit, he doesn't need to waste his time in the bank!


Oh No!

Getting a discount doesn't give someone free months, try again!

Oh No!

She could be disregarded for a set amount of time but this isn't the most likely answer, try again!

Oh No!

The banding of the property doesn't affect the months the payments are due, Try again!


Well done!

Some customers can get confused about 10 or 12 monthly payments.