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Payroll Deliverables


Client Sign-off


  • PIM ensures clients receive standard documents like employee payslips and Gross to Net (G2N) reports.
  • The G2N report is a standardized summary of payroll details from different locations.
  • Some additional reports might be provided based on the client's country requirements, like leave accrual or liability reports.
  • No extra charges for these standard documents.

  • PIM evaluates if the client needs any special adjustments.
  • If customization is needed, it may come with extra costs based on time spent.
  • The client needs to provide templates and other necessary resources for any customization.

Confirming Standard Deliverables

  • After confirming all deliverables, PIM records everything in the GP Clients Payroll Package Delivery file on Google Sheets.
  • Details include specific files needed and their expected delivery dates.

Adding Client Information

  • PIM needs confirmation from the client that their requests are met to avoid redoing work later.
  • Agreed-upon files must be ready by the first payroll cycle or parallel run


Check for Customization